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Gamification and Interactive Features can make your website more engaging for customers of all ages and education levels.  Mobius can implement any of the following features to engage, entertain, and educate your site guests, or design scalable custom code to meet your needs.

  • Visual graphics-based matching games
  • Interactive video with informative commentary and pop-ups
  • Word Puzzles
  • Single Choice Matching
  • Multiple Choice Matching
  • Games can be customized for any age groups including grades K-6, 7-12, or adults
  • Custom software can be created and tailored to meet your specific gamification specs
  • Custom animation videos or wallpaper backgrounds can be created for any game

Mobius Website Gamification

Demo – Marin Sanitary Service

Matching Game

Note: This game can be layered over a video or custom background image with hot spots for an enhanced user visual experience.

Interactive Video

Find the Words

Crossword Puzzles

1. Into which color bin should food scraps be discarded?
2. Into which bin should a soiled pizza box be placed?
3. Batteries should not be placed in the garbage or recycling bin because they are considered to be...
4. Into which bin should nonrecyclable plastics be placed?
5. It is important to not place food soiled materials in the recycling bin because that causes...

Select the Correct Option

Select Multiple Correct Options


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